Jon & Han

They are Han and Jon, proud owners of Lloyd, their van. Jon is English, Han is Dutch. They have worked on campsites across Europe for 16 years.

How did you meet each other?

“Me (Han) and Jon met while working away in France, Nantes for the same company (a very big tour operator). During Christmas Jon went to the UK and I went to Holland to spend time with our families, we stayed in touch that week and booked our flights the same week for a ski season in the France Alps and met back up again in Geneva airport. That was 11,5 years ago…”

How did you experience your travels?

“We loved our travels. We have been luckily enough to work from Spain to Slovenia and seeing places in our time off. And Europe is really such a diverse continent and we would like to see more. Further afield the highlight has to be the 3 weeks we spend on Rabbit Island in Cambodia, such a great country and we really want to go back at some point. The people are poor but so generous and smiling and so lovely in spite of the countries dark history.”

How is life on the road?

“Our life on the road was great up to a point. We have seen so many places and met so many wonderful people but after 15 years, we really wanted a house and not move every few weeks/months. We now have our own bathroom and shower :).”

What did you learn during your travels?

“We have learned that people are generally decent and want to help each other no matter where you are from. There’s talk of poverty but it has opened our eyes to see real poverty. We are so lucky to live where we live and not have to experience this.

It has changed us more than we think, it broadens the mind and you have a slightly different perspective at things. It doesn’t supply you with the answers but it makes you ask more questions.”