Italy – A day in Burano and Mazzorbo

A Day in Burano and Mazzorbo

Just a few waves away from Venice and Cavallino-Treporti, lay the islands of Burano and Mazzorbo they will surely brighten up your day.

The colors of the houses are today the main feature of the island. In the past the reason for the colors was simple, it showed what belonged to whom. However local folklore says that there is a legend about it and we prefer to believe it’s true! The fishermen painted their own house in order to recognize it from afar during the long periods of absence when fishing.

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is a small island just a bridge away from Burano

Santa Caterina, Mazzorbo

You can easily reach the islands both from Venice and from Cavallino-Treporti


Try the local cookies: bussola and esse