Alexander Peppler & The Soulshaker

We met Alex and Fabio last summer and we immediately got excited. This is why we want to talk about them and to do so we want to use their own words.

The ‘Alexander Peppler & The Soulshaker’ combination was born in 2015 from a casual meeting of two guys on a journey to find themselves, they chose a path that defined them both creatively and spirituality.

Both come and emigrated from provincial villages : Fabio Targhetta is from Cavallino-Treporti, a small town not far from Venice, Italy. Alexander Peppler, instead, is Witzenhausen (Hesse / Germany).

Berlin and its music scene are the factors that made them find each other and start this project of Indie-Folk music together. First as buskers down in the streets and in the city’s metro’s, then with the  first real concerts in pubs, bars and even festivals around Germany.

After two years and almost 50 concerts, it was time to record their sound on a vinyl that finally came out on June 16th. Recorded almost entirely in Cavallino-Treporti in the Studio di Generazioni Sonore (and with the mixing of Riccardo Tonon), the album is titled “Sense” and contains 12 songs, each with its own story.

Do not miss out them and follow them on their journey: