Hello, welcome to Travels and Coffee, my name is Sara.


I grew up in Cavallino, a town not far from Venice, in Italy, located in between the lagoon and the sea.

For a few years I traveled and lived between Australia and Italy. Now I study anthropology and live in a house not far from the sea with my Dutch partner and three cats. I work in social media and I am an amateur photographer.

I drink lots of coffees and as soon as I can, I travel. You can find me, wandering in the islands of the Venetian lagoon.

Travels and coffee is a blog about travels and stories about those people who follow their dreams, and who are brave enough to step out of their comfort zone to be happy.

Together we will travel and try different styles of accommodations, to find the perfect place to stay, while we sleep under the stars or maybe on a tree, in a comfy bed or rather in a tent.

I’ll be happy to discover and let you know about the best places to enjoy the local food, for a breakfast, lunch, dinner, for just a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Why Travels and Coffee?

Because in all my travels I was looking for a coffee, because sometimes I couldn’t find one and I was missing it, because sometimes it didn’t taste of nothing it was too sweet or too bitter, because sometimes it was the main ingredient for a good chat or an excuse to spend time with someone you care. Because coffee is a metaphor of life. Sometimes too short,sometimes too sweet or sometimes just not enough.

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