Hi and welcome to Travels and Coffee

My name is Sara Ballarin and for a few years I’ve lived between Italy and Australia and traveled the world. This experience showed me the need to share through photography and a travel journal, what my eyes have seen during my travels.
Currently I’m back home, living in a house not far from the sea with my Dutch partner and three cats and studying anthropology in Venice, Italy.

Travels and Coffee was born on a summer day. The first post dates 29th July 2017.
Therefore, it is a young blog, about boho-travels and inspiring stories behind people.

Together we will travel and try different styles of accommodations, to find the perfect place to stay, while sleeping under the stars or maybe on a tree, in a comfy bed or rather in a tent.  I’ll be happy to discover and let you know about the best places to enjoy the local food, for a breakfast, lunch, dinner, for just a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.